Plan a Visit

Think you are not really church material? Think maybe you don’t dress right, talk right, act right, look right? PERFECT! We want you!
Maybe you are used to going to church. Maybe you’re new to town. Maybe you don’t know WHAT you are! It’s no problem, we’ll take you all! Come be our guest!
We want people to meet the incomparable Jesus who saves and changes lives. We want to help you through what we call our ministry process. It’s another three whole words. Ready?
It begins with a decision to CONNECT with God by following Jesus wholeheartedly. Then, continue in this new friendship, seeking to GROW in your faith. Then, to take what God is pouring in and SERVE others – all this in the context of loving community. Simple.
Considering being our guest? Here are …
1. Worship service is @ 10:30am on Sundays.
2. It’s a casual atmosphere – dress down is great! (like this)
3. We focus on friendliness.
4. Our address is 114 Wildcat Lane (google map here).
5. We have an excellent nursery for babies – 3 yrs. (we also have a changing station here)
6. We have the KIDS ZONE for 3yr. olds – 5th grade during the sermon time. (right here)
7. We have a live band (here is an AMATEUR video)
8. We have a coffee
Come check out our worship service, Sunday @ 10:30 AM. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, dress-down, friendly and welcoming. Come check out the live band and relevant messages. And, come experience the love of the fellowship.