Ministry Teams

We have all sorts of fantastic ministry team opportunities for you so that you can get SERVE. Below we have listed just a few of those teams.

522 Groups

Each adult 522 group also functions as it’s own ministry 

team! We challenge each group to take on multiple projects throughout the year, serving the church and the community in various ways. Groups really are the hub of ministry at TPC.


522 Group Leaders

Each of our adult groups has a trio of leaders; we call them 3D Leaders. Each group has a Discussion Leader, a Care Leader, and a Project Leader.


Youth & Children’s Workers

We have a fine group of men and women who help oversee our vibrant Wednesday night service programs for children and teenagers, as well as KidsZone on Sunday morning for the kiddos. These groups meet when school is in session.

Worship Team

This group, led primarily by our Worship Band, along with other singers, speakers, technical staff and ushers have much to do with making our Sunday morning experiences worshipful and Spirit-filled.