Don’t just attend, get involved! Three steps – simple …














Sunday Worship | 10:30 am

At TPC, we want you to CONNECT with God in the context of our worship services. God’s people come together to be in His presence to worship Him, listen to Him, talk to Him, and confess sin and repent back toward His Way. We want you to experience God and the love, joy, peace, purpose, hope, and faith He will pour into You. We want you to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior, repent of your disobedience to God and be baptized!

Our worship services are friendly, relaxed, casual-dress, exciting, and relevant. We have a live band. We use modern technology. We strive for creativity. However, it is the presence of God Himself that makes worship so important and rewarding.



522 Groups | Sundays 9:20 am

Once you CONNECT with God, it is important to continue to develop your friendship with Him. You need to GROW – for God’s Spirit to fan the flame of what He has poured into you. He has once again granted us community through the church to help accomplish this.

In 522 Groups you will find relevant teaching and discovery, along with practical application to life, all in the context of the loving bond of Christ-centered friendships. In your 522 Group, you will learn, change, gain new friends, and SERVE God and others. Take the next step in your faith.



Ministry Teams

It is also important that we take what God has poured into us and direct it back out to the world He came to save.

At TPC, your primary ministry is your 522 Group. Each group takes on various ministry projects. However, there are various other teams that fulfill needed roles in serving the church as well as the community. Check in with your 522 Group Leader or a staff member for more information. There are many opportunities to SERVE.