2 Timothy 3:16

2 Timothy 3:16 [ESV]

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness …

When we meditate, we are thinking deeply about God’s Words to us, so that we may better know and fellowship with God. As we think deeply, the Holy Spirit enlivens our understanding and affects both our will and our affections. This is friendship with God. All of this then leads to Godly thinking and Godly behavior.

I read this verse again and again, and my mind is drawn to “God-breathed.” The breath … is life. Scripture must be deeply and intensely from the heart of God. It comes from Him, not us or even the writers of the Bible. These are His very Words to us! If we desire to know God, if we desire Him to be our treasure, we must read God’s Words! God, You poured out Your truth to us! You deserve all glory! Thank You!

Not only does Scripture come personally from a personal God, but it is also useful. It is useful for …

  • teaching – showing us Himself and what is good

  • rebuking – pointing out what is not of Him and what is evil

  • correcting – turning us back to Himself when we are rebuked

  • training – teaching, rebuking and correcting in action; not just in a classroom, but in the experience of life with God

… in righteousness – the four preceding concepts are for the purposes in growing in righteousness. As we grow in righteousness, we become closer to God.