Prospects & MIGs

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MCL & Growth

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Reaching out to Your MCL and Sunday’s Guests

Hello Care Leaders. This week’s forum is exceedingly simple:
1. Each group now has 16-18 total names on their MCL. Log into the Planning Center People app and chose your group’s list to see them and their contact information.
2. Begin making contact with all the folks recently added to your MCL. Introduce yourself and invite them to your 522 Group. Remember, make it personal and try to trigger engagement by asking a question of some sort.
3. We had 3 guest families with us this past Sunday (9-4). Two of those families filled out cards. We need to place them on MCLs:
Teresa Doerr (son: Aiden)
Teresa is a friend of Robin Handloser, and has plans to come Ignite this coming Sunday. ROBIN, we need to get the Engagement process started with Teresa. I will contact her this week, and let me go over the process with you again this weekend, okay?
Chris Haley
Chris has no previous relational connection to TPC. Just was the building from the road and decided to check it out. He had three young kiddos with him. Who wants him???
So, in the comments, please fight it out for Chris on your MCL and let me know if you have any other questions or needs. Soli Deo Gloria!


MCL Division

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MCL and First Contact

Kick off Sunday is upon us! Please check out the video below and comment. Love you guys! Thanks!


Engaging Your Ministry Care List

Hello Care Leaders. So glad you made it here. I think the most important thing I can share with you first is what we mean by “Engagement” and what the Engagement process is. I have taken the time to create a video tutorial for you. For some of you this will not be new information, but for some of you it will. Please check out the 15 minute video below and respond to this post with any comments or questions. If you have neither comment nor question, please just comment “got it” so I know you have seen it. Thanks, fellow laborers!





3 Responses to “Care Leaders”

  1. Tiffany Ellingsworth says:

    The only comment I have is regarding the engagement process. It does seem like it is a little overwhelming for new visitors to receive so many consecutive messages, emails, etc. The concept is great because we want to bring people in, but I’m afraid that we’ll end up seeming pushy.

  2. Josh says:

    Hey Tiffany, sorry just saw your comment. I understand that, if we overwhelm people, they might run. I totally get that, and I agree.

    Here are the reasons for putting this system in place: 1) this process (not totally new with me) has worked pretty well in several other contexts (thus why I wanted to try it); 2) I have been following this on my own with guests at our church for the past year or so, and we have held on to noticeably more people than we normally do, and 3) It may look like a lot on paper, but it averages to one connection a week over about 5 weeks. So, I share that just to let you in on the “method to my madness.”

    With that said, I think you have to read the people you are communicating with. If folks are being responsive, then I would follow the plan. If you feel like folks are being evasive or ignoring, then you might need to recalculate the plan.

    Do you have some thoughts on how we might adjust the system?

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